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Shall I Sell My Ossie Clark? Pt 2

I am in a quandary, keep the dress because I love it, and have intimate and fond memories of all occasions I have worn it, or sell it for double the price because some rich fool has been told by the magazines that they are aching to look like Emma Watson?
I posted about this dress at the very start of this blog, about keeping it or not.
Shall I sell it to fund my Japan trip? Or keep it for one of my girls?
Should I sell it now, whilst it is in the public eye, therefore getting silly money?
Plus the fact mine is actually better.

I have never seen a Harry Plopper film, why do they have yellow and red faces?


  1. That certainly is a truly gorgeous dress; I can see your dilemma!
    Personally as someone who isn't really that bothered about labels or designer names, I'd probably cash in whilst the buyers are still happy to pay the really big bucks for it.
    I know that an Ossie Clarke frock is a bit of a holy grail for vintage collectors but will this interest go from strength to strength or vane somewhat like most things do after enjoying a peak of popularity.
    In return for the dress you'll get some cracking memories from Japan which you can treasure forever too, you'll still have your rose tinted memories of the times when you rocked this vintage beauty & probably a fair few pics for posterity to admire too.
    If you decide to part with it, I hope you get top dollar! xXx

  2. I hear you Calamity, I am not a big one for names, saying that, nearly everything Ossie made has me drooling, but I love it this dress.
    I do not think Ossie will ever wane, he was a master of his trade.
    Thing is, I have these romantic notions of handing it down to one of my girls, or wearing it on my 60th birthday.
    I guess I am too emotionally involved to sell it...

    The pucci can go to fund the Japan trip, something I have wanted to do since I was 10. Ossie is staying.

    I did contact c20 vintage, they have an insane Ossie collection, about selling it, but bottled it when it came to sending pictures. I ended up selling them a Hitchcock type suit instead.

    Thank you for the advice though, you have a sensible head on those shoulders.

  3. oh my... i hope you didn't sell it in the end!
    i'd be devestated on behalf of your daughters if you did!

  4. Anonymous11.5.10

    Hey, I came across your blog while looking for an ossie clark dress... yours is beautiful! Let me know if you ever decide to sell it. Email: Ebaysa522@gmail.com Thanks!


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