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Ophelia Complex

I like Ophelia, was she insane or a symbolic prophet? Did she die of a broken heart, or did she drown herself because of madness? Did Hamlet use her as a political pawn, or did he love her so much he saved her from himself?


  1. Good questions...and gorgeous pictures. The Victorians were quite obsessed with her as a symbol -- of the sickly, frail woman, of the madness of women, of the death the woman suffers without a man...

  2. Anonymous30.9.09

    Thank you so much for showing this collection of ophelia pictures, im currently doing a full art project on ophelia and now i can use these photos and this sight as a reference for my project(if i could have your permission to quote your words in my project of coarse!) lol could u mail me to let me know i have ur permission to reference this blogspot! id be so privliged! this is such an entertaining blog space! haha


  3. Anonymous17.1.10

    I get what you are saying, she's a very complex character with many doubts and desires. She probably drowned herself in loneliness. I mean, her father was murdered by Hamlet, her brother was never there, and the man she loved, Hamlet, went insane and rarely talked to her when he started to plot. So, you can expect her to eventually go crazy with loneliness. But, she is a very creative character that I adore from Hamlet. Best of them all is my opinion. :D

  4. Anonymous1.2.10

    Ophelia's disposition relies on contextual interpretation. The Elizabethans and Jacobians believed her to be simply driven mad by Hamlet's treatment and the murder of her father. Victorians preferred the entirely romanticised idea of her being forlorn with love. The modern/post-modern idea of Ophelia is more complex, as a combination of both the romantic and the insane. That's the way I see it.

  5. Stellar7.9.10

    I would like to know who the photographer/artist is for the last image on this site?

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  7. Anonymous4.6.12

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