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Well Informed, Brave Or Stupid?

The much feared swine flu just hit my little ones school.
How much of this is mass panic I wonder? Normal flu kills thousands every year, H1N1 has killed 400/500 so far. Most cases are mild.
I mean, I am perturbed by a new disease that we know little about, but then I am perturbed by the krypton factor aspect of life anyway.

Is the vaccine just a slow working lethal injection like some in conspiracy corner claim?

I find it odd that we are all being scared into taking the vaccine when the shelve life of tamiflu is just about to expire. They bought a shed load for the bird flu scare three years ago, tamiflu expiry date = 3 years.
This pandemic is going to make some very rich people in the world wide down turned economy...

I personally, am not freaking out. I will continue to feed my children really well, liquid vitamins every day, and bust out the echinacea.
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  1. I just don't like the notion of being injected with some shit that Donald Rumsfeld owns the rights on!
    This just seems all too convenient especially when taking in to consideration the fast approaching expiry date.
    As for the pandemic making some people very rich, I’m not convinced that money is the main aim for these people anymore, there just seems to be something far more sinister looming in the backdrop of all this or maybe I’m just being paranoid, where’s conspiracy corner?
    BTW was 'Bruno' any good? x

  2. There are loads of people saying it is a big scam on many levels, that if they make us fear, we are easier to control, a tried and tested method.

    Conspiracy corner is all over the net, the usual suspectslike David Icke, and a website I find pretty informative is conspiracy planet.

    Google the swine flu panic of 1976, things have a different perspective once you understand the way they did it then.

    Bruno was ace, defo go see it if you can.
    I was cringing into my arm at some points, stunned into silence by the behaviour of my fellow humans and howling with laughter at Bruno's antics. Sacha Baron Cohen has balls of steel, some of the situations he put himself in.


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