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Charity Shop Sparkles

The two pictures above were taken by Harold Davis.
Yayoi Kausma Installations, one of the best artists ever. Fact.The Cosmic Egg By Andrew Logan.

My friend was his apprentice a few years ago, she said it had many highs, and a few lows. I was lucky enough to be invited round there for a viewing of his jewellery,(may I add, not because I smooze with London glitterati, but because my mate worked for him) and his mate Zandra Rhodes clothes. (She was very nice to my daughter who could not stop staring at her bright pink hair and full on makeup) It was a really top experience for us, My daughter, who was about six at the time, loved it very much, because that is his house in the picture below. When we were there, he had a massive Pegasus in his living room, a young girls dream. The whole house was mad colours, sparkly and filled with plants. In some ways, perfect.
He had a huge glass roof that made the whole room almost reverberate with light. I do washing every day, mainly other peoples pants and socks, ah the joys of motherhood...
If I had this washing machine, I think it would be a jollier occasion.


  1. Oh god, so much shiny wonderfulness, I can't stand it! Wear that damn dress and give us a review of Bruno. It opens here on Friday and I can't wait to see it.

  2. I am like a bird; I find anything sparkly irresistible! Wonderful images -- I am particularly obsessed with the disco-ball faces!


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