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Anybody Else Have To Punish Children For Being So Addicted To Reading They Start Telling You Lies, So They Can Go On Reading? Um, Thought Not

We love to read in my house, it is a big part of our lives. I am a librarian, my children understand and respect the dewey system. As all humans should.
The eldest lied to me today, I asked her to do something for me, I even said she could finish the end of the chapter before she had to start. She treated me like a fool and lied.
Bloody children turning into pre teens is not my forte, I tell thee.
So, in my own words, I said this, once the shock of being lied to chilled a little:

True story: A young man came into my library once and asked me if we had any books, I shit you not. I looked about me and said 'well, yeeessss'
I also used to have my very own female Russian admirer, she once came in and gave me a pair of flesh coloured tights, but the packet had already been opened. Thank you.

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