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I want my shaved head back. I was checking this girls blog a few days ago, I think she is called Femi. She has a shaved head, it made me nostalgic for the good old days where there was no hair care. Now I have a big frizzy curly number going on, takes time and love to stop it looking mampy. Not going down the chemical road, so I truck on *sniff sniff*
I had my head shaved for ten years (15-25) and now after having hair for 4 years, I'm done. My husband says to keep going, by the end of the summer it will be way past my shoulders, and I can just wear it down every day. Says he, who has had a shaved head for forever.
My goodness, that was pretty narcissistic, sorry about that, I'm tispy (again) and bored.

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  1. Don't be sorry! Just post a picture of your present day hair!


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