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Ticking Clocks Should Be Banned

Today has all the elements of a perfect day. The sun is blazing, big fluffy clouds are about, gentle breeze, vibrant blue sky. Our grass is long with hundreds of daisy's. Last day of school before a week of bliss and running to our family heartbeat, rather than the tyranny of routine. So why, oh why I am indoors doing work? I tell thee, it is unjust. Well Work, I say that, here are some images that I find delightful.

This one came up when I typed in mystical palaces.

What is going to happen? Will the car swerve to miss her and carry on? will the driver mow her down? Will they come to her rescue? Is she running from something truly frightening, or is it for a more mundane reason? Will her situation get better if the car stops?

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  1. I have a bad feeling about the woman in the road? Should I discuss with my psychiatrist?


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