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Some Thoughts On Parenthood


  1. Fabulous! Brilliant.

  2. Thank you Sister Wolf, Like me, can you relate to every one of those pictures?

  3. I can relate and add. Take the soiled nappy and add one little boy projectile pooping on his Mammy while getting changed in shopping centre nursery.

    Did I mention I was out with the buggy and had to walk home - in a wet dress.


  4. Hammie, I feel your pain, that is harsh. poo soaked clothes were not part of my happy parent vision, these days, I have more of a red wine soaked vision.
    My daughter once sucked my eyeball so hard, yes she got confused between a nipple and an eyeball. I had a black eye for a week, people looking at my hubby like he was the devil incarnate. Nobody believed me that I could not get a four month old baby off my eye. I would like to see them disengage a latched on hungry baby.


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