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This is what I saw on thursday night.

I would love very much to dance in this bandstand with my man and Dubussy for company.

A woman I know, I think she is 20years old, presented her endeavours after studying fashion at university, I think she has skills. I like the colour, the quilting and the length. It reminds me of a flower upside down. If the lovely Alice Vandy was making this for me, I would ask for a tighter bodice and more boobie coverage, but the skirt would give me much pleasure to wear.

Lush cling to this dress, and the sci fi shoulder bit is wicked.
This coat is my favourite though. Alice has nailed the tailoring for me personally. It has some many elements I like, tight puffs, (oxymoron?) nipped in waist, a fabric that looks like lace on soft peach and elaborate collar. I would ask for a black collar on mine if I was the kind of lady who commissioned clothes.

This was a bit of burlesque thrown in halfway through the show. I like the pants, they were made from huge top quality sequins. Really sparkled in the lights.

Possibly one of the best models to ever have walked planet earth. This boy was the star of the show. Fact. Not sure why the man in the background was dressed as he was, a new style maybe, that I have yet to discover?

Sorry about the blur, I was right at the back.

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