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Car Booty

I wore this outfit to go to the car boot on sunday. Well, that day, I went to three car boots, because everybody in my family loves them, for different reasons. Being up at 7am is no big thing in our house, seeing as we have little ones, so why not wear them out in the morning and early afternoon, giving us some semblance of what Sunday's should really be like later on in the day? By that I mean day time drinking and cooking lush food.

The jacket is sisley, I love the cut and colour, and the thick wool of the jacket.
Jumper underneath is a little cashmere number with lush v-neck at front and back. I am to old to wear this sailor dress without it, nobody wants to see my boobs falling out when bending down to deal with the qualms of a child.

Dress is by a label called Alice through the looking glass, they make funny, irreverent & quirky pieces in quality jersey and lycra. Really good prices too.
Vibrant blue tabio tights, tabio are my go to tights on a day to day basis. The quality is insanely good, my 80 & 110 denier usually last around 4 years. http://tabio.com/uk/

Trainers by a company called keep. .
The badge was given to me by a submariner on a train ride back home. He gave it to me because I out drank his friend, yes, that's right, I out drank a sailor. A major highlight in my life that I am very proud of. (Sad I know, but I can not help it, it is in my genes to be proud of such achievements)I sat on the train with 3 submariners for 4 hours, and as if by magic, my usual tolerance for booze went sky high. It was as if I was able to soak up their drinking power by just being around them. I did get off the train at 4pm, and promptly lost the use of my legs, getting home from the station proved to be very interesting, with quite a few pit stops. They tried to get me to go to a strip club with them, told me I would have a great time, but I was able to see in my mind's eye the look on my husband's face if that had happened, going home totally slaughtered at 4pm was tricky enough.

The owl cuff I picked up at car boot, the expression of the owl makes me chuckle, very nice bendy silver fits the wrist. In the words of Borat, I like.

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  1. I know mum's can be cool.. But you're too cool. Far too cool to be a mummy. My mum is awesome, but if your looking for a weekend daughter, I'm your girl!


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