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This man is a fellow braindancer for sure. I am appreciating his wit and style. Some ladies and men may wax lyrical with acid tongues about his massive penis and open fanny pictures, but that is because they just do not get it. His art name gives you a clue. He is very funny and subversive, you can tell he is full of love by the heartbreaking melancholy of some of his illustrations. I have just spent over a hour of *working* time checking the pictures he has on tumblr, you should too. The link is in fellow braindancers. Here are some pictures that took me through a whole range of emotions and thoughts.

Words are for stupid people.



Business class vagina.

Brain Flower 1.

Booze does not require fiction for balance.


It is my kind of man who spends his time doing things like this.And this.

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