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This book was boom diggy. Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs wrote a chapter each, 10 years before either of them were published. It is based on a murder between two friends that both authors knew. The book was held back to save the feelings of the friend who did the killing. Man, it is so good. The chapters fit together and I felt close to both writers at the same time. Burroughs has the edge with the wit though. Jack lushly summing up his surroundings. The book is short, finished it in two days, but will stay with me. The title comes from a radio report about a fire at a circus, The reporter reading out "and the hippos were boiled in their tanks"
Another quote I liked was Burroughs talking about religion, goes like this "I think this whole Phillip complex is like the Christian heaven, an illusion born of a need, floating around in some nebulous misty Platonic nowhere, always just around the corner like prosperity, but never here and now". So lush.

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